Sherry's Trip to Australia

April 2005 Trip to Australia

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Did I take a wrong turn to London?

I left Ayers Rock after an uneventfull night's stay, which was kind of nice. Slept in till 9:00am! Flew to Sydney of the real nothing dessert in the middle of Oz. Makes the Outback look like a lush paradise. Said goodbye to the rest of my tour group, which was sad. I feel like I was just getting to know them.

I went to a seafood resturant and had my taste of the famous Morton Bay 'Bugs'. Imagine a lobster tail with eyes. Very tasty. Especially with beer.

it's raining in Sydney. Again. WTF? My English mates says it reminds them of home. I was planning on Bondi or Manly beach, but the wetaher is just not getting on. So yesterday I went to the natural history museum. It must be a public holiday because I was bum high in kids. It's amazing that this museum has had a comprehensive human evolution section for years, when the American's caused a ruckus a bit back. What a difference an ocean makes.

The inside archetecture reminded me of the old museum style like ANSP. A tall main room with balconies, pretty hardwood railings and wrought iron and marble steps eroded by footfalls.

They have en entire FLOOR of geology, which shouldn't be a suprise with the rich mineral hertitage here. Fossicking (collecting) is popular here as a hobby.

So I have a few hours left, I'm going to zip through some of the public buildings before I leave today. I'll be home tonight (21st). I'm getting a bit sad that my big adventure is over.

Oh, and I have the hives, all over from something. I look like a leper. I'm happy they sell antihistimines here OTC.


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