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April 2005 Trip to Australia

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Off to Darwin

I'm waiting for the airport bus, so i thought I'd update.

Jet lag only lasted one day. I feel myself now.

Yesterday I went to the Sydney Aquarium. It was a pretty nice place. It's nice going to zoos and such here because they have different animals then we have. They had a walk through glass tunnel thru the shark tank. Saw my first playpus. It kept me busy until the rain stopped. Then I went to Chinatown and went to the Chinese Garden of peace. It's a lovely traditional Chinese garden right in the middle of downtown. I then had tea and lunch at the tea house. It was really serene there. Then, I decided to go to the Rocks, which is the historical first settlement of Sydney. it's high class shopping now. I underestimated the distance from Chinatown and it was a forced march in the wet. I started to get knee cramps. I found my black lighting ridge opal. It's a really neat one. I it's not really black, but almost crystal with all the colors in it. it's even set in silver instead of gold. I ended the night watching the sunset over the opera house eating fish and chips. I'm shocked my legs didn't fall off.

Today I went to the zoo. The weather was still iffy for a beach trip. I got to ride the ferry to the other side of Sydney. I saw every kind of Aussie critter you could think of. Koalas, kangaroos, wallabies, echednas, dingos, fierce snakes, crocs, jackaroos (mating), wombats (mating), brushtailed possums (mating-what the heck is going on at that zoo??!). The reptile house was just amazing, BTW, as you can imagine. I saw a wild kooabura on the grounds of the zoo too. I was excited, when I was a kid I didn't realize what the song was about. They really do laugh! A nice Aussie pointed him out to me.

I then had a panic attack because the biggest bank in Sydney's ATM wouldn't take my cash card. No worries, 7-11 to the rescue.

Mullets are alive and well here. Even businesspeople have them. I should start snapping pictures.

The takeaway food is great. Meat pies are yummy, and the fish and chips, and the cheap noodle houses. I haven't had the need to go out anyplace pricey yet. They call ketchup 'sauce' here, BTW.

I saw a pedestrian kick a cab and cuss a blue streak today. I felt homesick. Minus the cussing was a but more elaborate, and the cabbie got out blocking the intersection to cuss him back. I was amused.

Anway, I'm rambling. off to Darwin I go!


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