Sherry's Trip to Australia

April 2005 Trip to Australia

Friday, April 01, 2005

Hey ho, Let's go!

Only a couple hours now until I leave for the airport!
I'm packed, ready and waiting to go.

My back is better, BTW. Just a little sore now.

I'll call when I get thru to security in Philly. Plane leaves at 4:30. Then I'll call once I get thru the international terminal in San Fran, which will be after 11:00 Philly time. Plane to Syndey leaves around 1:00am Saturday Philly time.

For those of you new to voice blogging, I don't have a computer with me. It's just a phone number that's linked up to my journal. I just call a special number and leave a message, like a voicemail, and it appears here. So if you leave comments, I won't see them until I get back. But that's OK.


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