Sherry's Trip to Australia

April 2005 Trip to Australia

Friday, April 15, 2005

Kings Canyon

Yesterday we went to an aborigional culture center. We threw boomerangs and got a chance to talk to some shy aboriginal artists. Then we got to try thr famous bush tucker. We got billy tea (man in a can over the fire), spotted dog bread with syrup, kind of like a scone cooked in a dutch oven. Then we traied bush tomatoes, and the ever famous witchity grub.

I ate a live 2" catterpillar. Only 3 of us did it. We all agreed once in a lifetime was enough. They don't taste bad, kind of like a nutty custard. I almost gagged when I got to a few crunchy bits and was informed it was a head. Yuck! Well, it was an experince I would have regretted if I hadn't done it.

That night we went to dinner at an outback Aussie cowboy resturant. They sell all kinds of crazy meat like roo, camel and croc. I tried the roo and camel, and it is indeed tasty. We then decided to chill out for a night an went to see a movie in town.

Today we arrived at kings caynon. Earlier in the day we stopped by a ranch. We had the option of a camel ride or a 4 wheeler. Some of us opted for the 4 wheeler option. The trails where really fun, but not really for beginners! Especially that they required shifting! I did get the hang of it eventually, but let's just say we all took out our share of scrub trees going off the crazy track.

Tonight was my turn to cook, and I made fireman's chicken. It went over well, of course!

Tomorrow we go on a real hike, and then it's off to Uluru.


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