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April 2005 Trip to Australia

Thursday, April 07, 2005

Into real Australia

Tonight is my last night in Darwin. Thank goodness. It's more like a waystation to the outback then a city proper. Lots of bars and tourist shops. You have to take a bus out to anything interesting. It's also bloody hot and humid here, and to make that worse, they have some of the nicest beaches I've ever seen. But you can't go in them, even to paddle your feet, or you die a death by box jellyfish.

It's probably allright though, since my forced marches through Sydney tweaked one of my knees. It's OK, but A couple days of not walking for miles and miles was probably a good thing. I bought an ACE bandage just in case.

So I've spent most of the time just poking around, hanging in my tiny tiny hotel room, and eating. I managed to stalk some locals and find a diner that they eat at. They suggested I try a sushi train, where I wrestled with some others for what came off the conveyor belt (hint: sit at the front of the train). That was pretty cool.

I have learned that in the first five minutes of knowing one of these folks, it seems that you must trade gentle insults and teases. It's kind of fun, you just have to be prepared to say something smart assed when you say 'ello to someone new.

I also went into a drugstore and a pharmacy (mostly for an A/C break) just to look around to see what they buy. I also watched a bit of Aussie news last night. They have some of our commercials dubbed over with Aussie voices, which was interesting.

I did get a bus to the Museum of the Northern Territory. it was a very nice art/natural history museum. Some nice Aussie fossils too of giant roos and ammonites. They also have no qualms about public displays of evolution here (I hope not, in the home of Charles!). They had a great section on cyclone Tracy that more of less destroyed Darwin in the 70's. They have this creepy dark room you can go into and listen to actual recording of the cyclone as it hit. It sounded like a train crash, not like a storm at all.

Internet terminals are abound here. Cheaper then phone blog calls too. I don't think I'll find another until Alice though. Phone cards are oddly complex- I allready bought the wrong one once. Hopefully this one I have now is the proper one.

Off to the 'real Australia' tomorrow!


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