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April 2005 Trip to Australia

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

A town called Alice

Today and tonight I'm in Alice Springs, right in the middle of the outback.

When we left Katherine, we went to a campsite with a hot spring. It wasn't very hot actually, but since it's usually 90, that's a good thing. At the campsite I got to see my first roos...lots and lots of roos. Wallabies, actually, they are smaller. They munched grass around our tents at night.

After that we had a couple long driving days. We went to swim at a waterfall for a lunch stop, and then we got to Devil's marbles, a really odd collection of granite boulders eroded into egg-shapes. We watched the sunset from there.

Now we are in Alice for a couple days, and we're busy. Last night we went around town a bit, and at night we went to an aborigional show and dinner. They danced and told stories and played the didgi. We had a full dinner of lamb, barramundi fish, and water bufflalo. Lots of wine too. Afterwards we went to a pub, where our guide is trying to teach me to play pool. It was a really spectacular night.

Today we go to another aborigional town and we learn about arts and crafts and get real bush tucker. That's roo tail roasted over the fire, wild yams, honey ant honey, green ants (I tried them allready) and witchity grubs. We also get to learn how food was collected, how to throw a boomarang, etc.

Tomorrow morning we drive a few hours to het to kings canyon. We should get a nice hike in there. Then it's off to Uluru for 2 days before the trek is over. Weather is better now, hot but dry in the day and cool at night.

animal count:
wallabies: a mob
rock wallabies: another mob
Some sort of bearded dragon lizard
stick insects
extra large spider

Yet to be seen: frilled lizard


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